About us

Founder & Director

Under the leadership of Mel Telecican, an experienced and well respected law firm marketing strategist based in Brisbane, the team at Loyalest are known for assisting law firms across Australia to boost their online rankings and attract more of the clients they want.

Over the years we have learned a great deal about law firms and the people behind them. We have had the pleasure of assisting a range of firms with their strategy and execution of marketing initiatives across family law, succession and estate planning law, business and commercial law, property law, intellectual property law, employment and HR law and taxation law.

Our team are committed to continuous improvement, regularly upskilling in the areas of marketing that have the most relevance for law firms. Where we work best is at the intersection of evidence-based research and customer experience optimisation. 

Helping law firms win clients and become the law firm of choice is what we do best.

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Firms We Work With​

We currently provide law firm marketing for firms in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Perth, as well as several regional centres. 

Over the years we have found that we are a good fit with firm owners who have been in their business for a minimum of 3 years. They typically have one or more Partners to share management responsibilities and three or more other lawyers on their team.  That being said, we also have a handful of long-term clients who are two and three people teams.

Our Values

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Accuracy & Quality

It is not enough to do good work. Executional excellence is core to our success.

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We know that when we work with law firms we can become an extension of the team.  We respect the relationship we have with firms.

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Experience First

Consider: ‘what is a firm’s ideal client doing, thinking and feeling?’, at every step of the process.

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Remove Complexity

There are always ways to make our processes with client easier.

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Optimal Outcomes

We regularly revisit the firms’ objectives and their target market to drive optimal results.

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Continuous Improvement

We work in a changing digital landscape so we approach our work with curiosity – determine what works, what is trending and emerging best practices.

How We Work

We get the best results for law firms who Value Evidence-Based Strategy

If that sounds like your firm, take a look at how we work.

Our Process



We start all of our client engagement by listening to past initiatives and also to determine the business needs of your firm.
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Law firm marketing meeting



This is where we get into data sources. We undertake competitor analysis, determine SEO needs and your client acquisition optimisation opportunities.



Next, we identify the growth opportunities available to your firm and determine the priority areas to focus on.

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We implement the plan across your website, via your database and the social media channels of merit.



We revisit and track our initiatives over time to monitor engagement and effectiveness.

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No marketing initiative is ever optimised for long. We revisit analytics and our insights and optimise marketing initiatives for maximum impact.

The First Step

Regardless of what you need, the very first step for us is to have a 15 minute phone discussion. This is booked using our online calendar. In that 15 minutes we get an initial idea of what you need and if we’re a good match.

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