The Loyalest team manage email marketing and business automation for professional services. We take care of the tricky work and help you onboard more clients by positioning your business as the trusted, go-to people in your field.

What makes us different from our competitors is our needs analysis approach. We are a consultancy offering CX (Client Experience) Optimisation to identify areas of priority focus to improve repeat business, referrals and a continuous flow of new clients.

You know the work you do is better than your competitors. Now is the time to ensure your market knows this too. Consistent, helpful and well thought-out email marketing is key to reinforcing your credibility, sharing your successes and keeping top-of-mind in a competitive market.

Allow us to take care of the time-consuming work so you can get on with your higher-value activities.

Mel Telecican is a customer experience and marketing automation advocate. Having built her own quality customer list to 10,000 in under 2 years, she now helps others convert their prospects into paying clients. Mel’s experience as an educator, business owner and marketer led her to implementing and then sharing with others the power of sales and marketing automations for optimised client experiences and business and financial growth.

Mel likes to work with individuals and businesses who demonstrate that they are passionate about the work they do and the people they help. She is most excited when learning and experimenting with emerging innovations in the areas of client acquisition and retention, online marketing and customer experience optimisation.


Let us help position your team as the trusted go-to people in your field. Book a discovery call.
Loyalest is proud to be accredited with ActiveCampaign for enterprise level CRM, sales and marketing automation