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Our clients know the power of publishing articles regularly. While they are perfectly capable of writing articles themselves, the reality is that there are often other tasks that take priority and writing and publishing with consistency falls by the wayside...

Are you looking to publish, save time and achieve one or more of these objectives?

- attract more ideal customers
- be more visible in your industry
- boost your presence on LinkedIn or other social networks
- be acknowledged for industry awards
- be a thought leader; or
- position yourself or team members as experts in your field

Are you too busy to write and publish with consistency?

Our article service is designed for busy people like you who value the importance of publishing regularly

Our 3 phase approach:


a strategic plan to develop key messages + create monthly, fortnightly or weekly articles


upload + schedule articles to your website + social channels for you


your article to your database + social channels

Our clients call it 'Cover All Bases' marketing!

What you do

  • Review the article
  • Review social post & comments
  • Review email campaign

What we do

  • Devise a 6 or 12 month strategy
  • Write your article
  • Create schedule for publishing
  • Create content for sharing on social media
  • Publish blog article to your website
  • Create & send email campaign
  • Publish article & social posts to social media channels

What we do together

One online meeting per article

Frequently Asked Questions

"I can write a great article. Why would I need a service like this?"

Our clients tell us that while they're perfectly capable of writing their own article, the realities of their role means that there is always other work that needs focus and writing ends up at the bottom of the to-do list. By having interview appointments in their calendar, it becomes a non-negotiable. Add to this that someone else publishes and promotes the content on your behalf.

"But you don't know my industry. Am I going to need to explain everything to you?"

Good question. Everything your copywriter needs to know, gets asked in your 30 minute interview. If that means you need to explain a complex element, that may be what is required.
The best part? If your article is written for prospects or your existing clients, it's better that someone outside of your profession is writing the article - it means the content will be more explanatory and won't accidentally slip into industry-specific language.

Package Options

See our packages below and book a time to discuss your publishing goals with one of our project managers.


4 articles written, published + promoted every month
$ 4995 per month excl. GST
  • initial strategy session
  • 12 month content plan
  • 1 image per article
  • publish 4 articles to website
  • publish 4 articles to LinkedIn
  • up to 4 email campaigns (design + schedule)
  • social media posting (up to 15 profiles)


2 articles written, published + promoted every month
$ 2595 per month excl. GST
  • initial strategy session
  • 12 month content plan
  • 1 image per article
  • publish 2 articles to website
  • publish 2 articles to LinkedIn
  • up to 2 email campaigns (design + schedule)
  • social media posting (up to 10 profiles)

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