Want More Clients?
Here’s Where To Start

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You know your services are better than your competitors but does your target market know this too? If you’ve established your team as the trusted, go-to people in your space and you’re flooded with new enquiries then there’s no need to read on. If not, there are some opportunities within your business already that you may not be capitalising on.

Reach Your Target Market

When you advertise in newspapers, on radio or billboards you’re paying for the reach that medium has – a broad spectrum of people who may or may not need your services. If you’ve written journal articles, they can go a long way in establishing you as a thought leader in your field but can be slow means for client acquisition. Advertising is a costly way to reach your potential clients and very expensive in the case when it serves as a reminder to past clients that you’re there when they need you. Tapping into your past or current clientele is where to start. It is cost-effective and targeted.

Use Your Existing Client List

There are plenty of ways to boost your business profile, draw awareness to the services you offer and the superior way in which you deliver them. The easiest, most cost-effective and consistent method is to communicate with the people you already have on your books. They are the people who need less encouragement to engage your services, they’ve experienced the excellence you deliver and most importantly, they are the people who have the potential to become active advocates for your business. Even if you’ve not worked with your clients in some time, you have an opportunity to re-engage them and draw focus to the high value services they, or someone they know, needs.

Grow Your List

If you have a website, you have a fantastic opportunity to grow your client list. With potential clients doing their research online, what are you doing to capture this potential business? If the only lead capture you have is an enquiry form, you’re missing out on a whole lot of leads as it can feel like a commitment to buying when people may only be browsing for your services. Offering instant, free and helpful tips in exchange for contact details is one simple method that can present in several different ways depending on your target market’s needs.

Frequency Counts

For those who already send a newsletter or update to their list, often these are inconsistent in their frequency. Usually they are created when the workload is slowing and there’s a distinct need to drum up business. Consistency of contact is the most underutilised opportunity to be top-of-mind for a potential client.

Keep It Simple

The last thing anyone wants to do is alienate the people who have shared their personal details. Using industry-specific language might sound fine to you however it’s often not the case for your target market.

One way to ensure your content hits the mark is to run it past someone who’s not in your profession and who has a limited understanding of what’s involved in the work. They’ll be able to cast their eyes over your words to identify areas of confusion and you can adjust accordingly. Making the whole process easy for the client means they’re more likely to engage your services.

Emotional Engagement

All of this sounds straightforward but it will be completely ineffective if it’s all ‘sell’. The fastest way to lose interest of a potential or existing client is to email the equivalent of advertisements in the material you send. Getting in the mind and needs of your client and discovering what interests them will increase your email open rate and allow you to build trust, relevance and a more engaging connection. Sending updates that are entertaining may seem unachievable however well thought out, helpful and informative content that connects with your readers’ lives will make your email marketing must-read content.

For the potential client it should establish trust and credibility. For those who’ve already engaged your services, this should serve as a reminder of the great work you do and who you are as people. To emotionally engage them so your business is sitting top-of-mind when your services are needed by them, their friends or family.

Talking about community events your team participates in, the charities you raise funds for, letting people in on who you and your team are when you’re not at work all help develop rapport. You are not just the people who deliver a service, you are real people who are here to help.

Connect and Convert

Distributing consistent, informative content has enormous potential. Keeping top-of-mind doesn’t need to be expensive. Tapping into your existing client database, growing it through existing website traffic and establishing you and your team as the trusted, go-to professionals over your competition is what will establish a consistent stream of repeat and referral business.

by Mel Telecican, Head Strategist, Loyalest

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