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Chances are, you and your team are great at connecting with prospects in-person to bring them on as clients. It’s getting them into the first meeting that’s the hard part!

If you already have a website and you’re looking to have more of those conversations, then attend our workshop where we’ll be explaining our proven 7-step method to differentiate your business from the competition and increase your ability to convert.

If you have all the clients you need, then look away. If you ever wonder why you are not attracting the leads you’d like to, then join us to discover what it is that you can be doing to grow your business into the business you envisioned it to be.

We unpack each of the stages we have put into place for our clients that has led to increased productivity, conversions and financial growth.

Join Mel Telecican, host of the soon-to-be-released ‘Monetising Knowledge’ podcast on iTunes & Director of for this engaging workshop.

THIS HALF DAY WORKSHOP is specifically for those who are open to innovation, improving the client experience and are ready to put knowledge into action. Is that you? Are you ready to boost your conversions?


This workshop has been designed to introduce you to a variety of sales and marketing automation capabilities to maximise client conversions. The workshop is hands-on and allows participants to gain experience in identifying the points of friction to conversion. We look at the untapped opportunities for client acquisition that are specific to your business. Together we identify the opportunities available to provide a more personalised and enhanced experience for your target market.

The half-day workshop will cover:

  • Our 7-step method in full
  • How we help our clients attract prospects to engage their services over their competitors
  • Opportunities for you to optimise conversions ; and
  • How automation can be used to deliver personalised experiences that contribute to business growth

Half-Day Workshop Attendee Testimonial:

"Great stuff! Taking a moment to step into my customer's shoes has given me a mountain of empathy and has helped me to discover at least 10 new ways to add more value to them. This is going to increase our lead gen, conversions, client experience and ability to generate referrals. If you are in business and you have a website, you need to attend."
Harvee Pene
Inspire CA


This workshop is beneficial for owners, marketers and management in professional services. This workshop is particularly suited to those who value process improvement, increased productivity measures and those who wish to stay ahead of the curve.


Your business’ ability to convert prospects will be significantly boosted following our 7 step methodology. We will be unpacking how you can develop an optimised client experience through collaboration, innovation and automation.

Your business cannot solely rely on it’s reputation. Particularly when prospective clients perceive you and your competitors have equal levels of expertise. The ‘experience economy’ is upon us;, making client perception the differentiator. Our method ensures your prospect knows, understands and trusts that you are the best people for them.

Business who have committed to this methodology have already positioned themselves as the most relevant and sustainable businesses in their market. Let that be you in your field. Secure your seat to our half day workshop today.


Mel Telecican is a customer experience and marketing automation advocate. Having built her own quality customer list to 10,000 in under 2 years, she now helps others convert their prospects into paying clients. Mel’s experience as an educator, business owner and marketer led her to implementing and then sharing with others the power of sales and marketing automations for optimised client experiences and business and financial growth.

Mel likes to work with individuals and businesses who demonstrate that they are passionate about the work they do and the people they help. She is most excited when learning and experimenting with emerging innovations in the areas of client acquisition and retention, online marketing and customer experience optimisation.

Join us Thursday August 10
for our Half Day Workshop

Event Location:
Happiness Hub
10 Albion Road
Albion QLD 4010


$97 pp

10 August 2017        8:30am -1pm AEST