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Top Legal Websites: 5 Things They Have That You Need

To ensure that you get a high-performing legal website, you need two components – put simply, a combination of what you can and cannot see. The success of your website comes from not only what your target market will see and read when they land upon your website but is also based on how well your website has been set

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5 Law Firm Marketing Errors & Oversights – What to Avoid in 2021

I have been working with law firms on their marketing strategies and initiatives for the last four years and I see some common mistakes that law firms make with their brand building and marketing. I hosted a webinar along with Clarissa Rayward on this topic in June 2020 and I thought it would be helpful to compile the key points.

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Should we be marketing during Covid-19 or giving it a rest?

This week we’ve been reviewing and in some cases, pausing planned content for our clients. Why? Because some topics, had we proceeded, may have been perceived as poorly timed or insensitive given the current climate. For instance, an article and social media content we were due to publish for a law firm client about death and wills, albeit helpful, can

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