lawyer talking to female colleagues about how to grow a law firm

How To Grow a Law Firm You Are Proud Of (And That Loves You Back!)

Naturally, every practice owner wants to know the fastest and easiest methods for how to grow a law firm. The reality is, it’s different for each type of practice. While unfortunately there is no silver bullet, you can definitely learn from those who have been before you. For the last seven years, I have worked alongside practices of varying sizes

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person writing by hand about lead generation for law firms

Lead Generation for Law Firms – 6 Proven Methods

There are a range of methods that you can use to generate interest in your legal services and for lead generation to do its work. The end goal of course is to turn that lead, the potential client, into a paying client. In this article, we share seven methods that are universally powerful in generating quality leads for law firms.

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man holding computer searching for law firm seo

Law Firm Marketing: Organic SEO vs Paid SEO

SEO is an enormously underutilised area of marketing in law firms across Australia. The law firms that use it well can gain incredible results. This article will explore the differences between organic SEO and paid SEO such as Google Adwords for law firms. It is also intended to help you decide on which law firm SEO pathway is ideal for

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Which are the best social media platforms for law firms?

Before determining the best social media platforms for your law firm it is helpful to know that there are three key categories of social media. The first is social media networking platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Then there are photo sharing platforms like Instagram and Pinterest and then there are the video sharing platforms, and these include YouTube,

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Man handshakes a new client

How do law firms get clients?

Whether you’re starting out with a new boutique firm,  you already have an established business or perhaps you are in a new role, you may have been asked to investigate new client acquisition and business development strategies for your law firm.  In this article, I cover five key tips to help you get more clients to your law firm. Tip

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Person using tablet to search Google

Why SEO is a necessity for law firm and legal websites in 2021

Large Enterprise, Medium and Small Law Firm SEO SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. That is, when anyone searches online to find a product or service, search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo provide results that it deems the most relevant. Search engine optimisation is not just one process. It is a range of processes that can be undertaken to

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Designer drawing website development wireframe

Top Legal Websites: 5 Things They Have That You Need

To ensure that you get a high-performing legal website, you need two components – put simply, a combination of what you can and cannot see. The success of your website comes from not only what your target market will see and read when they land upon your website but is also based on how well your website has been set

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