Marketing that positions law firms as the go-to in their market

Market leaders are not only great at practicing law. They are often first to publish content online about changes in legislation, practice directions, precedents or significant judgments.

Market leaders in law know the power of publishing content for their target markets, across platforms and with regularity.

Market leaders in law know that it’s not enough to grow their firm one happy client at a time. They know that they need assistance to do it at scale.

We work exclusively with law firms to help them achieve their marketing goals. More specifically, we help law firms scale their trust and visibility through the publishing of content on their website, to their database and through the social media channels that best matches their marketing objectives.

The result is high-quality content that speaks to the intended audiences, builds authority and reads like the lawyer whose ideas are within it.

We reduce time and effort by 90% and the outcome is strong and consistent SEO-optimised content marketing that enhances your firm’s brand and values.

That, and we are law firm marketing experts. Just as you would never entertain the thought of suggesting someone represent themselves in Court, neither should you consider marketing in-house, or leaving the task to one person.

To achieve results your firm needs the assistance of a committed team for a fraction of the cost of an employee. You also need a team who have a penchant for search engine optimisation (SEO), marketing best practices and new marketing developments.

And, importantly… 

If you engage us for our SEO-Optimised Marketing Service, then we don’t work with your key competitors. 

law firm marketing strategy meeting

What we help with

  • attracting more ideal clients
  • become more visible in your industry
  • boost your presence on LinkedIn or other social networks
  • be acknowledged for industry awards
  • positioning individuals as thought leaders
  • position yourself and your lawyers as experts in your field of law

Frequently Asked Questions

Our clients tell us that while they’re perfectly capable of writing their own content, the realities of their role means that there is always other work that needs focus and marketing ends up at the bottom of the to-do list.

Good question. We’re not lawyers, it’s true. But we’re seasoned marketers who determine the questions that your target market wants answered and ask questions, just like a client would. 

Everything we need to know, gets asked in a timely manner. If that means you need to explain a complex element, that may be what is required.

Just as you would advise against self-representing in Court, don’t engage a team member internally to market your firm. You need the most equipped and well-skilled marketing team to bring your law firm marketing objectives to life.