Strategy Session

Looking for a solid strategy session to determine what you can do to motivate prospects to choose your business over your competition?

This intensive strategy session is a one-on-one online session to discuss the specifics of your business’ needs and to devise a 90 day action plan for you or your team to implement.

This is perfect for the business that elects to implement themselves but wants the blueprint to a more effective email automation and marketing strategy.


online video strategy call
AU$ 479
  • Problem identification
  • Optimisation opportunities
  • Action Plan

The Package

A highly customised lead capture and lead nurture email automation sequence to optimise existing visitors to your website. 

Starting with a strategy session to determine your priority growth opportunities, next we create content specific to the immediate needs of prospective clients so that your business is top-of-mind regardless of whether they are ready to engage your services now or a little later down the track. 

This tailored package allows you to develop rapport with prospects at a distance, before they decide to make contact with your team on the phone or in person.

Want to learn more? Have questions you want answered? Click the ‘Learn More’ button to make a time with one of our project managers and see if this package is for your business.


Optimisation Automation Package
AU$ 4479
  • 6 x ideal client interviews
  • 3 x 1hr strategy and revision sessions
  • Setup of ActiveCampaign email software
  • 2 x segmented web forms
  • 2 x downloadables - created and designed
  • 10 x personalised, action-tracked emails
  • Copywriting of email content with unlimited revisions

Strategic Consulting

At Loyalest, we pride ourselves on helping businesses in professional services create the optimal client experience. We know this boosts positive, long term client relations that drive growth and increase profitability.

We’re sincere about putting your business on track for the best client experience, regardless of whether it means you’ll use our other services or not.

Marketing Automation

We are all about saving time so the businesses we help can get back to their higher-value activities. If we can save time on tasks we can automate and still personalise, we’re all for it. We will help you do the same.

We help create campaigns and automations that include:

  • Lead generation
  • Conversion rate optimisation
  • Email marketing
  • Sales automation
  • Referral optimisation
  • Customised solutions

In House Consulting

  • Initial consultation
  • Goal setting session
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Third-party validation process
  • Future state customer experience mapping
  • Strategy proposal
  • Optional: project management of optimisation with outside services
  • Optional: lead nurturing automation
  • Optional: CRM [customer relationship management]
  • Optional: see Marketing Automation options above
Loyalest is proud to be accredited with ActiveCampaign for enterprise level CRM, sales and marketing automation