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Should we be marketing during Covid-19 or giving it a rest?

This week we’ve been reviewing and in some cases, pausing planned content for our clients.

Why? Because some topics, had we proceeded, may have been perceived as poorly timed or insensitive given the current climate. For instance, an article and social media content we were due to publish for a law firm client about death and wills, albeit helpful, can wait for now…

The default response for many businesses will be that they ‘go quiet’ on the marketing front, largely because management will be dealing with other immediate issues like working from home plans and policies or cash-flow forecasting to ensure they can weather and plan for the changes ahead.

Many of you will have seen the meme below:

It’s funny and it’s true.

The businesses who have had zero communications with us for months or years at a time are coming out of the woodwork to let us all know what they are doing to keep business going. Yes it’s to alert their clients and keep their teams employed. It’s real and it’s important but relevancy is everything. I believe we’ll see mass unsubscribe rates if there’s been no consistency of communication in the lead up to these announcements.

Without being alarmist, now is the time to plan and strategise for your business to be more visible, more than before. Not necessarily urgent, high-frequency content but calm, measured messaging that helps existing clients as well as prospects. Content that educates them, at the right intervals, about what they need to know or do…essentially bite-sized pieces of relevant information – particularly important when the world is experiencing significant change.

These strategies are not strategies to be rushed and executed within a few hours, but planned with careful consideration over a week or two. It’s time to be proactive instead of being reactive. It’s time to be strategically visible. Do you agree?

Law Firm Marketing Memo

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